Brooke Sutter

Tattoo Artist

Hours: Sun/Mon-Off, Tues/Sat 3pm-8pm, Wed/Thur/Fri Noon-8pm

Lost Lakes Tattoo is ecstatic to welcome Brooke Sutter to our tattoo family. Brooke started her apprenticeship with us in 2016 and spent day after day posted up in our back room drawing, drawing and drawing some more. Her determination and positive outlook on life is a welcomed presence in our shop on a daily basis. Her passion for art started long before she became interested in tattooing and her relentless pursuit of creating the best art she can has brought her a long way in a short amount of time. Now a full-time tattooer, Brooke really enjoys doing nature-themed concepts like plants and animals. She has an infatuation for black and grey work and would love to do more symmetrical botanical imagery.

Brooke's top priority for her clients is that they feel comfortable and confident. She loves meeting new people and and getting to know about their unique life experiences. When Brooke isn't at the studio you can find her hiking, or running around outside somewhere.

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