Tara Payne

Tattoo Artist

Hours: Wed - Fri 4pm - 9pm, Sat noon - 9pm, (by appointment only Sun-Tues)

Tara is equal parts an artist and a mother; her greatest accomplishments have been creation, of both art and her family. She began her apprenticeship in 2010 and started tattooing full-time in 2015. As an artist, Tara is committed to growing and stretching her limits. She enjoys learning new techniques and plans to continue learning as long as she’s tattooing. Her goal is to create art that both expresses her talents while meeting the needs of her clients, blending the two together to create fun original art. She excels with many different styles, but enjoys illustrative work the most. Her work spans a range from dark and macabre to whimsical and colorful.

Tara’s focus is on the experience from concept to creation. She wants her clients to feel comfortable and involved in the process. As a person, Tara is very social. She loves meeting new people and cultivating long-lasting relationships.

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