Tara Payne

Tattoo Artist

Hours: Available Tues-Sat 12p to 8p (by appt only)

For me a tattoo is a sacred experience. This image can tie us to a moment in time forever. I enjoy sharing those moments and cultivating long-lasting positive memories with people. I am truly honored to be able to create art and to immortalize those creations in skin.

I've been in this industry since 2010. Like most I started with we like to call an old school apprenticeship. Drawing flash, cleaning tubes and submerging myswlf into the tattoo culture. By persevering in my field and cultivating my craft I have been lucky to be able to tattoo full time since 2015.

When it comes to art I am inspired by all forms. From dark and macabre to whimsical and colorful. The tattoo styles I enjoy doing most are illustrative designs, japanese animation, black and gray, textured, neo traditional, art noveau and Renaissance. When booking consultations I tend to gravitate towards anything that can be adapted into one of the before mentioned categories!

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