Covid-19 announcement:

Wisconsin has shut down all tattooing until further notice 🙁 this began on Friday, Mar 20th, 2020. We will definitely be contacting all appointments when we are able reschedule them. But when we’re back, you can count on a really clean, safe, socially conscious shop. Can’t wait to work with you all again. Please come back for our web store coming soon!

Lost Lakes Tattoo will be making several changes to help with the safety
of not just us, but everyone in our community.

1. Sanitation/Disinfecting

  • Artists and support staff already have cross contamination training and we’ve use commercial grade disinfectants daily from day one of opening Lost Lakes Tattoo.
  • Support staff will now be disinfecting frequently used hard surfaces daily. Door knobs, front desk, keyboard, mouse, any buttons, the credit machine, etc. We used to keep them very clean, now we will be using disinfectant on those items.
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers were installed 3/14/20 at the entrance, main sink, and at the cash register.
  • Additional disinfecting devices are on order and will be announced when installed.

2. Social Distancing

  • As of 3/16/20 Lost Lakes Tattoo will be an appointment only shop. Locked door.  No walk ins.
  • Clients cannot bring a friend. The only exception to this is if a friend is necessary to help with a disability.
  • All artists will be working together with the support staff to space out our appointments as much as possible. This will create some weird hours, as most artists and clients would be safest with almost no one else at the shop.
  • Artists reserve the right to wear a face mask. Do not be surprised or alarmed, this does not mean your artist is sick, it means they are aware and being proactive. We cannot source masks currently, and we agree that the medical field needs them first, but when they become available, some artists plan to use them in the coming months.
  • We already have a very spacious tattoo shop, 2000sqft+. All stations are already at least 6′ apart. However, we still feel that severely limiting the amount of people in the shop will create a safer environment for everyone.

3. Education

  • We’ve all been having constant open discussions about everything surrounding this crisis since early February. We’re reading world news and constantly sharing ideas on how to help each other through this. Up to date information is vital at this time, and we’re aware and sharing it.
  • We’re all taking personal measures to stay as healthy as possible, including not coming in to the shop at all if anyone gets symptoms or is in contact with someone Covid-19 positive.
  • We all have training on cross contamination, BBP certificates, all artists are licensed through our health department, and the shop just completed the establishment health inspection on 3/9/20.
  • We had a Covid-19 shop meeting on 3/8/20 and everyone at Lost Lakes Tattoo is informed, concerned, and taking this seriously.
  • We’re expecting constant changes over the next few months, and we will take every action possible to make Lost Lakes Tattoo the safest place possible.

This is subject to being updated as local and national changes occur. Your artist or our support staff will contact you regarding any changes with any current appointments. With love from the entire team here at Lost Lakes Tattoo! Thanks for your support, together we can slow this down! – 3/16/20

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All tattoos at Lost Lakes Tattoo begin with a consultation. You can start the process by filling out our contact form. We will then reach out to set up a time and date to sit down with the artist of your choice. If you’re not sure who you’d like to work with, we’ll help pair you with the best artist for the job based on your idea.

Please feel free to stop in and check out the art and the atmosphere in our tattoo shop. There’s always someone around that can help you book a consult, answer a question, or pass a message on to one of our tattoo artists.

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