Travis Browning

Tattoo Artist

Hours: Mon 11-8, Tues 11-5, Wed 11-8, Fri 11-5

Travis Browning, Lost Lakes Tattoo founder and owner, has been tattooing since '04. Passionate about art nouveau, he's slowing developing his own style. If you are unfamiliar with art nouveau, here is a pinterest board Travis made to help describe the direction he wants to go. He is mostly interested in tattooing flowers, faces, animals, insects, and things that flow over the body; hair, scales, feathers, more flowers. He loves really bold lines, large fields of color, and large gradients of any sort. Bold but elegant is the goal with most of his work. Currently, books are open mostly for large scale work (sleeves, chest pieces, back pieces)

-1/2 Day rate: $400 (3.5-4hrs of tattooing in a 5hr appointment)
-Day rate: $750 (7-8hrs of tattooing in a 9hr appointment)
-Smaller tattoos are $150/hr, $100 minimum

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