The first step to almost every tattoo is to discuss the project with the artist. This contact form will help direct you toward working with the right artist for you. We book almost entirely through email, and the process can take a few days so please be patient if the response is slow.


All artists work in their own way and run their own tattoo business within the walls of Lost Lakes Tattoo. Quite often when an artist gets booked out several months, they will choose to close their books, and start a request list. When this happens, your best bet is to get on that list. Usually when an artist is at that point, they will be unable to accommodate everyone on the list, so they often choose projects that are a good fit. To increase your chances of getting to work with the artist, it helps to be requesting a piece that reflects what the artist is wanting to do. This changes with many artists, but looking at their portfolios, and their instagram accounts, can usually help a lot to understand what that artist wants to tattoo. Unfortunately, that means we cannot guarantee that you will get the tattoo you want from the artist you want. We’ll do our best, sometimes another artist at our shop is more available and ends up being the right fit. If you don’t hear back at all from us, there’s a chance your email was mishandled, or went to a spam folder, so please contact us again either through email or phone. Our goal is to respond to every customer the best we can.


Please call during shop hours, Noon-8PM Tuesday through Saturday. (608) 709-5557
To book with a certain artist, please fill out the consult form below.

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Our Tattoo Artists

All artists at Lost Lakes manage their own schedules. Please contact an artist using the consult form above.

If you aren’t sure which artist to contact about your tattoo, select “no preference” and we’ll direct you to the artist that fits your request the best.